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The Lakeshore Hotel respects and protects your privacy. This notice explains the privacy policy of the Lakeshore Hotel brand. The details for the handling of personal information will be listed below and also in the notification given out when collecting data.

The information below allows you to understand the collection methods, range, usage and correction of user data by the Lakeshore Hotel. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of our site or other personal information issues, please contact us.

The official site of the Lakeshore Hotel will collect your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email, payment card details, identity card number and vehicle plate number for various reasons. The data you provide will assist us in the service we provide you, the contract we sign with you and our performance according to it. This site will not collect the personal information of users without their knowledge.

Similar to other websites, the Lakeshore Hotel site will record the IP address and the viewing history of users on this site. However, the totals for these data are only used for the analysis of flow and viewing habits and not for contact with individuals. If the user requests to become a member of the Lakeshore Hotel, our online newsletter or other functions, the website may request the user to provide personal information to assist with further contact or service. Under these circumstances, this website will inform the user clearly that he/she may choose to not receive any advertisements or provide any contact information. The Lakeshore Hotel website fully respects the privacy of our users.

The Lakeshore Hotel website only uses the information provided by users online for related services and the sending of newsletters such as event news. Unless specified beforehand or in accordance with related legal regulations, this website will not provide this information to third parties or for other purposes without the consent of the user.

The Lakeshore Hotel website will use safety measures according to laws and regulations as well as other secrecy procedures to protect your personal information. We also protect the safety of all user data with suitable technology and procedures to ensure your personal information is not lost or misused.

The Lakeshore Hotel website will make adjustments to its privacy policy according to the development of new technology and related regulations. The adjusted policies will be released on this site and not otherwise notified.

Content on the Lakeshore Hotel website, including but not limited to words, images, files, information, data, website structure, website visual arrangements, website design are all intellectual properties of the Lakeshore Hotel and the respective rightful claimants who authorized the Lakeshore Hotel to use them. They are copyrighted trademarks and may not be used, modified, remade, publically broadcast, changed, spread, published or otherwise used illegally used. If the website content listed above are to be used or reprinted, printed consent from the Lakeshore Hotel or legal claimants must be legally obtained beforehand, or otherwise hold full legal responsibility. The Lakeshore Hotel may prosecute and demand compensation according to the law.

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